2013 Carnival Magic Cruise Day 3
Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Magic has public spaces on:

​Deck 3 (Lobby) which I described yesterday
​Deck 4 (Mezzanine)
Deck ​5 (Promenade)
Deck 10 (Lido)
Deck 11 (Camp Carnival)
Deck 12 (Spas and Sports)
Dec ​14 (Cloud 9 Spa)
​and Deck 15 (Serenity).

​​Let’s visit Decks 5 and 10 today.

The Promenade is the heart of this ship. This is where the actions are.

​​If you want to listen to loud music and jump into the pools with a bunch of kids, go to Deck 10. If you want peace and quiet, go to Deck 15. But if you want to go to a lively night club, a comedy club, small boutique restaurants, or go shopping then the Promenade on Deck 5 is where you need to be.


Want a great martini? Play it Again Piano Bar on the Promenade has it
The Promenade has the Spotlight Lounge, Vibe Dance Club, Play It Again Piano Bar, the Red Frog Pub where Carnival serves its own brew, and the Fun Shop where Carnival items are sold.

​​It also has several restaurants including the Plaza Cafe, the Sushi & More, the Lanai outdoor eating areas, and the Prime Steakhouse.

But that is not all on this deck ... the beautiful Hat Trick Casino is also here, and right outside, a wooden deck wraps around the whole ship creating a promenade for people to walk, sit, and jump into one of the four small spas. This is where I walk several laps every morning.

Signs in front of Red Frog Pub
They serve you Carnival owned brew here
Play It Again Piano Bar
But since we are on a ship at sea and have the whole day to explore it, we decide to take a break and head out to to Lido to grab some lunch then to the Beach Pool where they have various activities all day long. 

Today they are demonstrating ice carving and having a women amateur dancing contest.
The Fun Shop on the Promenade
Hat Trick Casino
Amateur dancing contest
As the afternoon begins to set and as previously arranged, all of us - in casual whites - gather on Deck 11 where I set up my camera on a tripod to take pictures of individual couples and the whole group. 

​As we laugh at our attempts to pose and squeeze into the picture frame, crowds of cruisers gather and cheer us on.

We then move to the Serenity Area and have more pictures taken.

​​​​That’s a lot of fun!

By 6:30 PM, we finish the picture taking, go back to our room and change into evening clothes. We then go to Showtime Theater where instructors teach participants how to dance then get them to compete against each other with live music.

Some of us participate in this contest but unfortunately, none of us makes it to the next round but we all have an absolute blast.

8:15 PM Dinner is another occasion for great foods and conversations.​​

Ai and Tuan in the comfortable sun bed in the Serenity Area
What a beautiful day today
Our group in a beautiful night somewhere in the Gulf of Mexico
L-R: Tri and Janie, An and Anna, Lieu and Wayne, Ai and Tuan, Anh and My, Lee and Bo, Kay and Steve​
Yep! It has been a great trip and we still have four days to go
Bo and Lee​
Beach Pool is packed
Ice carving demonstration
It's a great day to be outdoor
Where does our time go? We never get to try the rope walking or mini golf
Carnival people
An and Anna Le from Carrollton, TX. We celebrate Anna's birthday in Houston the night before we board the Carnival Magic
L-R: Ai, Lee, Anna, Janie, Anh, Lieu and Kay​

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