2013 Carnival Magic Cruise Day 5
Thursday, November 7, 2013

Today, the Magic stops off the coast of Belize and rows of small boats take cruisers to shore for various excursions.

​​After breakfast, we go to Deck 5 to take a number to board the tendering boat. The area around the Plaza Cafe is filled with cruisers eagerly awaiting their numbers to be called. After about 45 minutes of waiting, they call our number and we go down to Deck 0, board a two-level boat and 20 minutes later, we are at Belize Port.

It's a warm and cloudy day today and the port is crowded with cruisers looking for their tour guides or swarming around shops and restaurants that line along the water's edge.

The tendering boat takes us from the ship to Belize Port 
Souvenir and lunch shack on Goff's Caye Island
The dock on Goff's Caye
It's cloudy but the water is warm
Before leaving home, I had contacted Ecotours of Belize to arrange for a group tour of Goff's Caye Island.

​​As we arrive at the port, I spot the tour representative who is carrying a sign with my name on it. We pay our fare of $45 a person, which includes a boat ride to the island and snorkeling, and proceed to board the tour boat.

Goff's Caye Island is 30 minutes away from the port by boat. The boat takes us past mangrove islands and heads toward one of the world's largest barrier reefs .

​​20 minutes later, the boat stops at the Goff's Caye's narrow wooden dock on which we walk toward a white sandy shore.
Cruisers waiting for tenders to take them back to the ship
Chicken kabobs and lobsters on the grill
The island is very small but it is lust and has leaning coconut trees, sandy beaches and rocky shores.

​​A primitive "Visitor Center" is set up at the other end of the dock where the locals sell souvenirs and cook lunch for tourists.

​​We grab a picnic table near the water and change into our swimsuits. I join the snorkeling party that swims around the island and look at fish and corrals while Lee and few other people in our group lay out on the beach.

​​We start getting hungry around noon and buy the lobster lunch right off the grill from the locals. $10 will buy you two small but tasty lobsters with rice and corns.

​​At 3:00PM, we pick up our towels and bags, and head toward the boat to go back to Belize Port. At the port, a big crowd has started lining up waiting for the tendering boats but the boats come quickly and steadily and pretty soon we are back on the Magic.

The Photo Gallery on Deck 4
Back on the ship and with plenty of time to kill before dinner, we shower, change and wander around the ship again.

​​The Mezzanine on Deck 4 has a large area where Carnival displays pictures of cruisers. Carnival photographers sets up various stations around the ship and at the ports to take pictures of happy cruisers. They take pictures of guests at every table, every dinner, the pool, the theater, etc... and display them the next day at the Photo Gallery. Buy what you want and discard the rest.

Tonight is the second elegant night and everyone dresses up again. Our group meets at the spiral stairway at the Mezzanine to visit and have our pictures taken.

Wow!!! We have been on this ship five days already?

Janie and Tri Nguen from Houston
A huge chunk of steel floating on the water. What an engineering marvel 
The sun is setting. Time for dinner
Anna and An Le from Carollton, TX
Tuan and Ai Ho from Fort Worth
Good night from the Magic
Fresh-off-the-water seafood
Lieu and Wayne Nguyen from Fort Worth
Bo and Lee, Anh and My
Kay and Steve Nguyen from Fort Worth
Bo and Lee, Ai and Tuan
The ladies on the spiral stairway
Lee, Ai and Anh
Anh and My Pham from Keller

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