2013 Carnival Magic Cruise Day 7

​​Saturday, November 9, 2013

It's our last day on the Carnival Magic. This day will be devoted entirely to relaxation. Our group gets together for a brunch at 10:30 AM in the Southern Lights Dining Room.

​​Although most people like to have breakfast and lunch at the Lido Marketplace Buffet because of its great variety, I prefer to eat in the Dining Room where you order from the menu and be served. The atmosphere, food and service are all excellent.

Final Day. Breakfast at Southern Lights Dining Room
Our breakfast companions, Janie and Tri Nguyen
Next table sit Steve and Kay Nguyen
Ai and Tuan Ho
Wayne and Lieu Nguyen
Running on the treadmills facing the ocean is a treat
Anna and An Le
My and Anh Pham
After lunch, our group separates and everyone does his or her own thing. I hit the gym for a short work out then meet everyone on Deck 5 for some late afternoon dancing.
Wayne and Tri enjoying the music
Late afternoon dancing at Ocean Plaza. Lieu, Janie and Lee
With live music
We vote Kay and Steve Nguyen the best dancing couple in our group
Enjoying our last day on the Carnival Magic
Early in the evening, we return to our cabin to pack our bags and as instructed by Carnival, we leave them out in the hallway to be picked up.

​​It a sad sight to see all the luggage lined up outside cabin doors. Vac
ation is just about over for everyone.

Our last dinner in the Southern Lights Dining Room is one for the memory.

​​We make toasts, thank each other for making our vacation so memorable, dance with the wait staff, drink the last drop of our wines, and leave only when we become last group in the dining room.

Detrena and her staff have waited on us for the whole week and we appreciate their service
Tri and Janie with Detrena and her staff
Last night bed turn-down and towel decoration
The Cloud 9 Spa right outside the gym
An elegant fruit place
Steak and eggs
Our last dinner on the Magic in the Southern Lights Dining Room
I have frog legs,
wild field salad, 
and prime rib. Excellent dinner!
After dinner, some of us go to Showtime Theater for the last show while others elect to do their own things.

​​Crowds of people gather in The Funshop and Photo Gallery for last-minute and reduced-price souvenirs, watches, jewelry and photographs.

​​All the clubs on Deck 5 are packed with cruisers and inside the Hat Trick Casino, the ringing bells and flashing lights delight guests who are still trying to hit the jackpot.

We sit and talk at these tables every night
Luggage lining the hallway on the last day of the cruise. 
You cannot find a happier group of people. Thank you Carnival Magic for a memorable vacation!!!

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Around midnight, our group gets together one more time at our customary bench inside Lido Marketplace just behind the Pizzeria.

​​Along with coffee, tea, and the flowing wine, we continue to converse, cheer each other, recount our experiences and yes, make plan for a future cruise.

We are indeed very lucky!!!