2013 Carnival Magic Cruise Final Thoughts
Magic in Galveston Bay. I parked my car across the street
Here are my random thoughts to help future cruisers.

​​We reserved an indoor parking space at Galveston Park N Cruise which is very close to the terminal. The cost was $65 for the week and we did not have to wait for shuttle buses to take us to and from the cruise terminal which was very convenient.

​​Parking situation will be greatly improved when they complete the construction of a new parking garage right across the cruise terminal on Harbor Drive.

​​Carnival has gotten the embarkation, debarkation and tendering process down.

​​They provide clear instructions to cruisers before and during the cruise and you just have to follow the instructions.

Someone took this picture of 6-3 in action
Inside Showtime Theater
Magic docks at Mahogany Beach
Comfortable chairs on Deck 11
View from Cucina Del Capitano Restaurant
Other Magic’s cruisers have complained about the hard mattresses and how noisy it was inside their cabins.

We did not experience that at all. The mattress in our cabin was fine and we never heard noises in the hallway or from next-door cabins.

​​We slept very well every night. Being on Deck 7 which is not directly above or below a public space really helps.

​​Carnival owned Mahogany Beach is too cramped. The whole beach is occupied by beach chairs and cabanas to accommodate Carnival’s cruisers.

​​The day we were there, the Magic docked alongside the Carnival Liberty and hence, the beach was very crowded.

The Grille on Deck 10 has hamburgers and hot dogs
Goff's Caye Island in Belize
Restaurant in Belize. Yes just leave your husband here and go shopping
The Tides Bar on Deck 10
We had the 8:15 PM dinning time and somehow they were able to sit all of us together at one table upstairs in the Southern Lights Dining Room.

​​The nightly singing and dancing in the dining room is more vibrant downstairs than upstairs but we were fine with it.

Unlike other cruise lines, tips on Carnival cruises are not optional. Carnival is real clear about the charging everyone $80 for tips and we are okay with that.

We ​​also gave additional tips to our cabin steward and the wait staff in the Southern Lights Dining Room.

Talking about money, you can use US dollars in Honduras, Belize and Cozumel but be sure to bring some small bills.​​

We booked all our excursions ourselves.

Click here for our complete trip.​​​​

Until next time!!!
Bo Cung in Cozumel
The new condition of the ship, its cleanliness, its great foods and services are well worth the price that we paid.

​​However, because of Carnival’s affordability, it attracts certain types of customers, those who normally would not be able to cruise on more expensive ships.

​​The tall, British-born, young lady who calls herself 6-3 is an excellent cruise director.

​​She is everywhere on the ship and I love her enthusiasm, elegance, and humor.

​​However, Carnival’s nightly shows in the Showtime Theater are just average.
The wrap-around deck on the Promenade
At Belize, you would think that it would take hours to take thousands of cruisers from the ship to the port but the tendering process was very orderly and efficient. We were able to get to the port with plenty of time to do our own excursion.

Paradise Beach on Cozumel is a great place to visit.

​​It has a real nice beach, great pool and beautiful landscaping. Plus it has huge beach floats, kayaks and snorkeling equipment for you to use.

​​A $4 per person cab fare will take you from Cozumel Pier to the resort entrance where you pay $12 person to get in. Another $2 for the beach lounge and you are set. Of course, foods and drinks are extra​​.

The pool at Paradise Beach Resort in Cozumel
We didn’t have time to try everything on the Magic even with four days completely at sea.

​​We didn’t get to drink Carnival’s beer or eat the appetizers at the Redfrog Pub, dance in the Vibe Club, walk the sky rope, play miniature golf, or go to the show every night.

​​We didn’t even try the midnight Mexican Fiesta Buffet on one of the nights because we were still full after our 8:15 PM dinner. 

​​One of the main reasons for our lack of time is that our group of 14 people seemed to have spent a lot of time hanging out together in the Lido Marketplace visiting.

I paid $139 for unlimited WiFi use ​​because I needed it for work. Although the speed is slow, I was able to do my work just fine.
The Pizzeria opens 24 hours a day and has great pizza 
We didn't have a chance too try the Indian food
The Cherry on Top candy store on Deck 5 is rarely busy
LED Lights in the Magic Atrium change colors continously

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