2013 Going on the Carnival Magic Cruise
The six-couple friends. L-R: My and Anh, Tri and Janie, Tuan and Ai, Bo and Lee, An and Nga; and Steve and Kay. At Steve and Kay's house, Fort Worth, Texas. April, 2013.​
Stock picture of the Carnival Magic
Some of these friends went on the Carnival Magic cruise last year and wanted to do it again. We didn’t go with them last year but this year, we will join them. The decision to go was made in the span of a few days and very quickly, we booked six cabins on the Carnival Magic for a November 3, 2013 cruise departing from Galveston, TX.

Lee and I have cruised only once before. Our whole family was on the grand, brand new Royal Caribbean's Oasis of the Seas cruising Eastern Caribbean in its inaugural season in 2010 and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I like big ships that are stable on high seas and can carry lot of guests that bring life and energy to the place. The Carnival Magic seems to fit that bill.

If you read any part of my blog, you would know that my wife and I have been blessed with family, friends and opportunities.

​​Speaking of friends, over the last few years, we have grown closer to and fonder of a group of people we met by accident. We met them at a party a few years ago and began to go out to dinner and dancing together; and whenever we meet, the get-together would last for hours. We would meet and greet, enjoy the good foods, inquire about each other's family, have coffee and talk way into the night.

The twelve of us form six couples of various ages who have been married for a long time, share the same background, live in Texas and are blessed with good health and the desire to travel.

From Galveston, the seven-day cruise on the Magic will include ports of call in Honduras, Belize, and Cozumel.

​​Cruising is a great way for a large group of people to vacation together because everything is taken care of. No one has to worry about cooking or making dinner reservations and thus, everyone can spend all their time relaxing.

Since five of the couples live in the Dallas - Fort Worth Area and the sixth, Tri and Janie, live in Houston, everyone agrees to meet for dinner at Tri and Janie's lovely house the night before the cruise and make a short drive to Galveston the next day.

​​Over the course of the cruise and in future blogs, I will tell you more about our friends and soon-to-be cruise mates. 

November 3, 2013 Carnival Magic Cruise's Ports of Call
I know everyone is excited about the trip and they will spend the next couple of months planning for excursions from various ports.

​​As for me, I really look forward to visiting Honduras and Belize, the two countries to which we have not been.

​​And of course the promises of sailing on the open sea, breathing the salty fresh air, vacationing and hanging out with Lee and our friends are so very enticing.

I’ll be back here on this space to blog about our cruise in November. ​

​​(Written 8/19/2013)

Bo and Lee. Da Vinci Restaurant, Cancun, Mexico. July 2013
Stock picture. Magic's Interior
Stock picture. Magic's Water Works

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