Planning a Trip to Sydney, Australia
Sydney's famous icons
Lee and Bo in Nice, France (October 2010)

Everyone I know who has been to Sydney, Australia uses the same adjective when describing the City: Stunning! Australia and Africa are the last two main continents that we have not visited and so we have decided to cross Australia off our list this year.

Why haven't we taken this on earlier? For one thing, there are 16 different time zones between Dallas and Sydney, Australia's closest city to the US, and it take as many hours for a direct flight to reach Sydney from where we live. But it is now or never and so this year is the year.

We will leave Dallas - Fort Worth on March 1, 2013, fly Qantas directly to Sydney, and return home on March 10th. Our itinerary is set and I can tell you there are so many things that didn't make our itinerary because Sydney has so many notable places that one should visit. But we do the best we can.

All the planning is done and now we are just waiting for our Oz experience to commence.

(Written 1/10/2013)​​

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