2014 Vacation in Greece
Day 3, Friday, August 1, 2014 (Athens, Mykonos)

(Written by Danh Tran and Bo Cung)

We checked out of the hotel early and boarded a shuttle to the Port of Piraeus where cruise ships docked. We had bought tickets to take a three-day cruise on the Louis Olympia from Athens to Santorini with stops at various islands in Greece and Turkey.

The Olympia is a mid-size ship that has nine decks and some 700 cabins. Its interior is relaxed but dated, and it has the usual cruise ship amenities including restaurants, lounges, gift shop and casino. Outdoor, there are two swimming pools and plenty of lounge chairs on Deck 9 and a nice Promenade on Deck 5.

On the Louis Olympia
Shuttle bus transporting people from Mykonos port to town
Lee and Christina in Mykonos
The ship departed around 11 am and after a short safety briefing, it picked up speed and headed for Mykonos, one of hundreds of Greek Islands.

​​We had lunch while watching distant shoreline bobbing above the vast blue water of the Aegean Sea. A little before 6 p.m., the ship slowed down as Mykonos Island quickly approaching. We then disembarked at the port and take a shuttle bus to town.

A restaurant at the water's edge
Christina and Linda wading in the clear water of Mykonos
Mykonos is a lovely town. It attracts thousands of tourist every year because of its simplicity but also sophistication, beautiful beaches, and magnificent windmills.

​​We strolled through the picturesque white washed homes, restaurants, and churches with colorful doors and roofs. We walked down narrow and winding cobble stone streets, admiring the water views and the homes adorned by vegetation and flowered trellises.
Baby Lucas, Martine and Danh
A simple shop. All sidewalks in Mykonos have the same design
A restaurant setting up for the evening
This magnificent island is a version of Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. The town thrives on tourism and the grey and white stoned streets and designer shops are evident.

​​With the Aegean Sea as its gates, this tightly nestled town weaves shops a plenty to please any international jetsetter. The architecture follows strict guidelines to handle the yearly 300 days of sun, with its white buildings to reflect the sun’s rays. An area of the island nicknamed Little Venice has rows of shops, restaurants and sidewalk cafes along the water edge and some with their balconies hanging over the sea.
Being a destination location, we only had a few hours to explore and a brief time to capture the breathtaking sunset. To our dismay, after a fast and long trek to a perfect location, the sunset was blocked by the distant clouds in the horizon. However, we were still able to capture the essence of the Aegean sunset.
Mykonos is beautiful in the daytime but blossoms at night. As the sun sets, the white buildings with the contrasting grey and white streets illuminate the night with its vibrant architecture, culture and people. So, have plenty of memory on your camera!

Now, I’ve had some amazing crepes from Vegas to Paris but a local small family owned shop named Trio Bambini had one of the best crepes in the world. ​Y​​ou can taste the home Greek loving in the fresh batter and fresh produce. Greek coffee accompanied this dish fabulously.

​Oh, and as for gyros, you might ask? Well, Saki Grill House had the best on the island with several items to choose from, plus they have A/C!!!

A church with a red dome
Linda relaxing in Mykonos
Martine, Lucas and Danh taking it in
Church interior
The narrow streets of Mykonos. No cars allowed here
An Aegean sunset
L-R: Bo, Lee, Lucas, Danh, Martine, Linda and Christina​
As our time drew to a close on Mykonos, I must say the Greek people, in general, were very friendly and especially fond of our little Lucas! Everywhere we went someone had to stop us to touch, squeeze and compliment him. It could have been that they rarely see Asian babies or that he’s simply that handsome. I’d like to believe the latter!

We lingered in Mykonos until the minute we had to board the last bus to go back to the ship.

We love Baby Lucas
Coconut crepe at Trio Bambini
Greek coffee
Authentic gyros at Saki Grill House
Wish they had Mythos beer in the US
Love Mykonos
Little Venice at night

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