2015 Quantum of the Seas Day 10
Tuesday April 21, 2015

Having been on the ship for 10 days I felt like I knew my way around the ship pretty good and since Royal Caribbean did a good job publishing its daily newsletters called the Cruise Compass, we planned our day fairly efficiently.

On at-sea days, cruise liners know they have captive audiences that don't have much to do except eat, shop, and play in the casinos, and therefore, Royal Caribbean was having an all-out sale on the Royal Esplanade. While Lee was busy looking at things on sale, Tri and I slipped into the Boleros club around 11:00 PM to listen to a lecture on art collection. The lecturer, a South African who was so knowledgeable about art history, displayed a PowerPoint presentation that was so interesting and captivating, I ended up attending two more lectures from him during the next two days.

Waiting to ride the North Star
Boleros Club transformed into an art lecture hall
After lunch, Lee and I walked upstairs to Deck 15 to ride in the North Star.

​​The Quantum of the Seas has so many special features that no other cruise ships have and one of those features is the North Star, a glass enclosure in which guests would stand and be elevated 300 feet above the sea and have a fantastic bird-eye view of the ship.

​​We stood in line under the sun for about 30 minutes while watching various activities at the pool areas then stepped into the North Star.

​​After the door was closed, a hydraulic arm began to raise the glass enclosure slowly to the highest point, then swung it gently from one side to the other, and finally returned it slowly to the deck. As the North Star was elevating, we were taking in absolutely breathtaking views of the entire ship which became smaller and smaller, the beautiful and calm blue sea surrounded it, and the lovely earth's curvature where the sky and the sea became one.

Ship becomes smaller as we ride higher
Lee inside the North Star
Lee admiring the various paintings
Adults and kids alike enjoying driving and bumping
The team of Loc and Steve (left) declared champions
Not satisfying that we had crashed into each other enough, the guys challenged one another for rounds of foosball and the team of Loc and Steve were the clear winners and was rewarded with free beer.

Dreamworks Parade
Dreamworks Parade on the Royal Esplanade
White day. Everyone dressed in white
Continued to be on the go, we headed to the SeaPlex on Deck 15 for a 2:00 PM dancing lesson. Today's lesson was the Cha-cha-cha, a Cuban dance that most of us were already familiar with but it was fun to learn new steps and watch other couples step on each other's feet and argue. Lol.

The SeaPlex is a versatile open facility that can be converted into a ballroom, basketball or volleyball court, indoor soccer field, roller skating park, and a bumper car arena. Right after the dancing lesson, they cleared the facility and brought in bumper cars and all of us tried them. The one-occupant cars were easy to steer and bump, and the five-minute ride brought a lot of laughter.

The guys. L-R Loc, Steve, Bo, Chien, tri, and An
An and Anna
We're glad to buy the beer. L-R Loc, Bo, Chien, Tri and Steve
Around 4:30 PM, the group gathered at the Cafe Promenade to watch a Dreamworks Parade featuring Madagascar characters in full costumes. The kids really enjoyed this colorful parade.

Our group had planned a white-picture day for late afternoon and so at around 6:30 PM, the whole group including the kids dressed in white gathered at the back of the ship on Deck 15 to take pictures while the sun was setting. We took couple pictures, family pictures, and group pictures with the backdrop of the blue sea and the white foamy water rushing away from the ship. Take a look.
Tri and Janie as the sun is going down
Loc's family
The ladies. L-R trang, Anna, Kay, Lee, Bao Anh, and Janie
Steve and Kay. Pretty tight hug there.
Trang and Chien and their three kids
Lee and Bo as the Quantum of the Seas powering ahead
New and old friends on a beautiful afternoon somewhere on the South Caribbean Sea
L-R Loc and Bao Anh, Chien and Trang, Bo and Lee, Janie and Tri, An and Anna, Kay and Steve. 

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