2015 Quantum of the Seas Day 11
Wednesday April 22, 2015

The ship continued to be at sea somewhere south of Cuba. It turned cooler and became cloudy and rainy most of the morning but that was okay because we really had nowhere to go.

​​It was another day for us to take time to exercise, attend an art lecture, have a relaxed lunch, take another dance lesson, try our luck in the casino, explore the ship, shop, attend a show called Sonic Odyssey, have coffee at Cafe Promenade, and have dinner at Silk. Nothing real special to describe so I am just going to make today's blog a pictorial blog.

Having a relaxed lunch in Two-70
The pool area on Deck 14 on a cloudy and rainy day
Hallway and stairways connecting Chic Restaurant (left) and The Grande Restaurant (right)
A glass platform on Deck 14 stairways that allows people to look all the way down
Stairways connecting the casino on Deck 3 to Royal Esplanade on Deck 14
Loc, Chien, Bo, Steve, and Tri tried their luck here and only Tri got out of the place okay​
Attractive art pieces at auction
Our ladies and the singer (Llaly Yamid) and drummer (Mars Yamid) of the band Nexus. We dance to their music most night 
Llaly and Loc
Windows on Deck 5 that change the digital displays every few days 
Lee in front of Wonderland Restaurant on Deck 5
The airy and elegant Coastal Kitchen Restaurant on deck 14
Afternoon coffee in Windjammer
We attend the show Sonic Odyssey in the Royal Theater
Those little circles are drums
Guy on the left is William Close, the artist who created the show
We have dinner at Silk Restaurant. Much better than the last time
Drummers hanging upside down to play the drums
Llaly Yamid and Tri. She got a great voice
Lee in front of a piece of art on Deck 5

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