2015 Quantum of the Seas Day 12
Thursday April 23, 2015

Last full day on the ship. It's the day that you need to access your account on the stateroom monitor to make sure everything is correct. Apparently not everyone's account was correct and therefore, there was a long line at Guest Services on Deck 4. Another long line queued up at the Next Cruise Desk on Deck 5. Royal Caribbean was offering great discounts if you committed and put a deposit on a future cruise.


Lunch at American Icon Grill
American Icon Grill Restaurant foyer
We spent another relaxing early afternoon having lunch at the American Icon Grill Restaurant then wandered around the ship to look at more stuff we had missed. It was definitely colder and more windy today, and the sea was rough enough that I could feel a slight sway walking down the hall and Lee was a little sea-sick. We were very glad that this happened on the last day of our trip.
Dinner at Grande. Waiting for rest of group
Getting ready for dinner
Deck 5 hallway. Ship swaying a little bit today
Resting at the Casino Royale
The cozy hallway outside Music Hall
Having drinks at Schooner Bar
Ceiling decoration over the stairways between Decks 3 and 4
The Music Hall
Thank you Quantum of the Seas for a wonderful time
The Grande menu
In the afternoon, our group sat around at the Cafe Promenade for a long time to reminisce, and talk about each other's travel plan tomorrow and future vacation plans. We discussed Bao Anh and Loc's daughter's college choices, Chien's dental practice in Massachusetts, and Steve and Kay's retirement planning.

​​We watched people shopping on the Royal Esplanade and the energetic salespeople trying to make the sales. A few of us went down to the Casino Royale to try out luck again and came away disappointed again.
Late afternoon, everyone headed back to their staterooms to pack since Royal Caribbean requested guests to leave their luggage outside their staterooms before 8:00 PM for pickup. Half of the clothes we brought were not touched and so the packing process did not take us very long at all. We made sure that the closets, drawers, and safe were emptied; and set aside clothes to wear for dinner and the trip home tomorrow.

Our last dinner on the magnificent ship was at the Grande Restaurant. One more chance for the group to enjoy the wonderful dishes at this restaurant and drink our last bottle of wine. Tomorrow, we all leave at different times and for different destinations and so this was it!

Our vacation had ended but the memories will be treasured in all of our minds. We will remember the beauty of this ship, the wonderful meals it served, beautiful weather in the South Caribbean, shore excursions, iFly scare, drinking party in St Maarten, dancing lessons, and above all ... the laughter and good times that we shared, the old friendship we maintained, and the new friendship we created.

Let's live our lives to the fullest.

Bo Cung

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