2015 Quantum of the Seas Day 2
Monday April 13, 2015

We had a good, long sleep to make up for a hectic and long travel day yesterday. The ship was at sea today and we had no plan except to explore this wonderful ship.

I started my day with a vigorous workout at the ship's fitness center called Vitality at Sea on Deck 16. Here, the two-level gym provides you with a 180-degree view of the sea whether you're on an exercise machine or work with the free weights. I would come here to work out almost every day and see mostly the same people who, like me, feel guilty if we indulge ourselves too much in relaxation.

Breakfast at American Icon Grill
My daily workout view
Several of the ship's complimentary restaurants have great breakfasts including the American Icon Grill Restaurant. This nice sit-down restaurant has a western decor and serves breakfast, lunch and dinner; and over the course of our trip, we tried all three types of meals and enjoyed them greatly.

​​Our late breakfast included all the typical hot and cold dishes including fresh fruits, assorted bread, omelets, juice, coffee, and desserts and everything was delicious.

​​After the breakfast, we wandered around the ship and checked out its various features. We marveled at the intricate and thoughtful details that were built into the ship from the beautiful paintings on the walls to the computerized bulletin boards.

Dinner at Coastal Kitchen
Hard to get lost when you have ship map like this
La Patisserie across from Cafe Promenade
Delicious breakfast
We love to people watch from the Promenade sidewalk cafe
Early in the afternoon, we made our way to Royal Theater where our group had reservation for the Broadway show Mamma Mia.

​​The theater was packed but since we arrived early, we had great seats. I had heard good things about this musical and it did not disappoint. The play was packed with energy, great acting, suspenseful plots, beautiful actors, and tremendous ABBA music hits. The show lasted two and a half hours and at the end we wanted to see it again because it was that good.

Comfortable seating at La Patisserie
L-R Tri, Bo, Steve, An, Anna, Lee, Janie, Kay and ​
Cast of Mamma Mia
As good as a real Broadway musical
In the evening, due to a mixed-up dinner reservation, our group was sent to the Coastal Kitchen Restaurant on Deck 14. What a stroke of luck because this restaurant is reserved exclusively for suite guests and sitting at a long table near the window gazing out at sea, we did feel very privileged. The menu here has a mix of Californian and Mediterranean dishes. We tried the delicious rack of lamb, Atlantic salmon, lobsters, and yes delicious desserts.

Did not have a chance to try the La Patisserie cupcakes. They look awesome!
Royal Theater where Mamma Mia is played
Lee and Janie enjoying dinner at Coastal Kitchen
Group Pic
After dinner, we headed down to the Royal Esplanade on Deck 4, got a table at the Cafe Promenade and relaxed. This sidewalk cafe has become our gathering place because it is a great place for people watching, it has free coffee and snacks, a complimentary pizza parlor nearby, and you can order the special Royal Caribbean beer right next door.

This was also where our group met two other Vietnamese-American families on the ship and became close to them during the remaining of our trip.

The Quantum Ladies. L-R Kay, Anna, Lee, and Janie 

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