2015 Quantum of the Seas Day 8
Sunday April 19, 2015

Today, the ship made the 8:00 AM stop at Bridgetown on the small island of Barbados. We had never been to Barbados before and looked forward to a good beach. There is a beachside recreational area called the Boatyard where you could take a taxi there for $5 per person, and pay $15 per person entrance fee to get in and use its beach and facilities so we decided to go there.

​​There were long lines of taxis and vans waiting outside the port to take cruisers to different locations and a 'coordinator' directed us to the right line of taxis and vans that go to the Boatyard where we boarded a van along with other cruisers.

The Boatyard in Barbados
It's a beautiful day in Barbados
Barbados is a British colony but most people here are of African descendents. Although English is the official language and can be spoken by everyone, the locals speak to each other in a pretty interesting dialect called Bajan. And just like in England, Barbadians drive on the left side of the road.

The Boatyard is located about 15 minutes from the pier and it was still early when we got there so there were plenty of beach chairs to choose from. The entrance fee included the use of chair and umbrella, WiFi, restroom facilities, one free drink, and a van ride back to the cruise ship. The Boatyard also has an outdoor restaurant where you can order hamburgers and fresh grilled seafood, and it is close to areas where you can rent jet skis or ride on the banana boat rides.

So are Steve and Kay
Tried to take a selfie but got photobombed
The blue water of Barbados
Kay and Steve in front of Welcome sign. QOS in the backgound
Pretty good restaurant at the Boatyard
Tri and Janie jet skiing
Sign at restaurant says it all
The slightly pink sandy beach at the Boatyard
Lee and Janie enjoying lunch
Lee just borrowing the Sea-Doo
We returned to the ship in time for the 5:00 PM departure and as we did most every day after we returned from a shore excursion, we took a hot shower, got dressed, had a before-dinner drink, then headed to the restaurant.

​​Tonight is an open night meaning we ate dinner separately. We checked the Devinely Decadence on Deck 14 but since there was no available table, we had our dinner at the Windjammer instead.

Horses in the water
Back on the ship. Music at the Music Hall 
Various food stations in the Windjammer
The beach here was white and clean, and the water warm and clear. There was nothing much for us to do except to swim, read, take naps, and relax but you could jump on the Boatyard's ocean trampoline or dive off its diving platform if you wanted some action.

​​Tri, Janie, Steve and Kay rented a couple of Sea-Doos and rode around on the water for a little while.

​​When we got hungry, we went up to the restaurant and order foods and drinks.

Various floats for guests' use

The Quantum of the Seas floating above the 'Welcome to Barbados' Sign

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