2016 Europe Day 12
Sunday, May 8, 2016 Munich

After a hearty breakfast at our hotel, we proceed to tour Munich

Everywhere I go in Europe, I look for churches because I’m amazed by what people were able to build way back then. I’ve seen the Vatican and the famous Notre Dame in Paris and yes those places are impressive but I was floored when I saw this small church in Munich on Sendlinger Street.

The church’s name is Asamkirche and its story is amazing. Two brothers (the Asam brothers) started building a church on an empty lot between their homes right in the middle of Munich’s commercial area in the early 1700s and completed it some 40 years later.


Waiting for the tram at Mauerkircherstraße stop
The restaurant near the train stop
The Arch at Sendlinger Street
Asamkirche Church between two homes owned by two brothers who built it in the 1700s
Asamkirche's incredible interior 
A pleasant walk to the English Garden
Entrance to English Garden
A beautiful spring day in Munich
People relaxing by the stream that runs through the garden
Back in City Center
Fully caffeinated, we head to the English Garden, a huge centrally located park, a public that is one of the world's largest urban parks and is even bigger than New York's Central Park. There are tall trees, wide meadows, landscaped gardens, paths, streams, and lakes. We rent a couple of chairs by the stream and just sit back and enjoy the nice weather, and watch children playing in the must-be-frigid water.

The freso ceiling
A Starbucks across the street 
A lovely church
Sendlinger Street on Sunday
Interior of St. Peter Church
Area around St. Peters
The church is small, narrow and has only 12 rows of pews but every inch of it is adorned with sculptures, paintings, adornments, or fresco, and everything still looks great to this day.

It’s amazing how two people with only their bare hands, patience, and determination could create something this magnificent.

​​After visiting the church, we go across the street to a Starbucks (yes, there is a Starbucks across from the Asamkirche Church). Over coffee we talk about the story of the Asam brothers and how amazing two people could create something this magnificent.

The beer garden at the Farmers' Market (Viktualienmarkt) near City Center
We share a table with some locals
Back to Marienplatz Area
You have to be strong to work here and carry heavy beer mugs
So many things to see
Very relaxing to grab a plate of sausage and sauerkraut, and a mug of beer
One last pic in Marienplatz Square
Having coffee and apple strudel in a cafe near Marienplatz
We just walk and let it take us to wherever 
It's time to head to France. At Munich Hauptbahnhof train station
Heading back toward Marienplatz, we stop at St. Peter’s Church or the Peterskirche. The church constructed in 1180 is Munich’s oldest church. During World War II the church was almost completely destroyed and it took almost 50 years for the City to complete its reconstruction in 2000.
Great looking and tasting sweets
We love our time in Munich
For lunch, we go to the beer garden in the fresh produce market within walking distance of Marienplatz. Being Sunday, the market is closed but the beer garden is open and we share a big table with two other families, and have a great lunch of sausages, grilled pork, and sauerkraut. Almost everything in Munich (or Europe in general) is historic. The market, called Viktualienmarkt, dates back to 1807 and has almost 150 kiosks selling everything from flowers to spices to jewelry. Too bad we don’t get to see it open.
Back to Marienplatz, we sit down at a sidewalk café for coffee and desserts, and to watch street performers who display a variety of creative performances for the delighted spectators on the square.

We complete the night by having a dinner of roast duck noodles and sweet and sour chicken at a Chinese restaurant not too far from Marientplaz

An Intercity Express (ICE) train
to the delight of the public

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