2016 Europe Days 13 and 14

Monday, May 9, 2016 Annecy, France

Leaving Munich this morning, we head to our next destination, Annecy, France, a charming little town in the southeast part of France near Geneva, Switzerland. There is no direct train to Annecy and so we have to take the train to Zurich, Geneva, Aix Les Bains, then finally Annecy changing train each time.

Our hotel in Annecy is the Hotel Splendid, and old building that had been remodeled and is in such a convenient location as it is only a 5-minute walk from the train station and 5-minute walk (different direction) from the Old Town. The hotel has 47 rooms and our room is modern, clean, and has nice furnishing.

By the time we check in and get a short rest, it’s already 7:00 PM, just enough time for us to walk around town a little bit and have dinner on the bank of the canal in the Old Town. It’s drizzling a little bit on this Monday evening and the streets are deserted, but the restaurant is cozy and warm and we have an excellent meal of salad, steak and fried, and turkey.

We will spend the whole day tomorrow in Annecy.


The Hotel Splendid in Annecy
On hotel balcony in a glorious morning
Quaint street of Annecy
Annecy is a very charming town
One one the many bridges in Annecy
Annecy outdoor market
Fresh fruits
A canal near Lake Annecy
Having lunch at an outdoor restaurant
An open market has sprung up on the bridges and shoppers are with their bags are buying flowers, vegetables, cheeses, meats, clothing items, and freshly prepared foods. We take a lot of pictures at the market and stop at the Le Sarto Restaurant around noon for a lunch of salad, pasta, and seafood.

The island castle in the background
Street along the Thiou Canal
Near the boat dock
Morning on Lake Annecy
Waiting to board a boat to tour Lake Annecy
Boat tour
Tuesday, May 10, 2016, Annecy

We are so glad it’s such a sunny and warm day today. From our hotel we, walk to Café de Ducs in the Old Town to have breakfast. The café sits right on the canal and is adjacent to the most photographed structure in this town, the 12th Century Island Castle (Palais de l’Isle).

After a breakfast of coffee and croissants, we walk around town. The Old Town is bisected by a canal which is crossed by neat little bridges. The clear and rushing water in the canal is fed from Lake Annecy which receives the snow melt from the mountains around the lake.

​​We walk leisurely along the canal, back and forth across the bridges, look at the neat shops and the café with bright umbrellas, and admire the colorful flower boxes that are hung on the pedestrian railings.

​​In busy seasons, Annecy is crowded with tourists that the sidewalks are full of people and it is hard to get a table at a restaurant along the canal but in early May, the town is not busy at all. It is such an enjoyment to be able to walk around without having to step aside for other people and sit down at a restaurant whenever you want a meal or refreshments.

Homes on lake
The Alps mountain range
Back on land
A castle on the lake
and flowers are everywhere 
Flowers everywhere you look
Water in the canal is fast and very clear
A vibrant Annecy at night
and the Island Castle
Lake Annecy has two parts, the Little Lake that is closest to town and the Grand Lake. There are tiny little towns and villages that are formed around the lake. Since the weather is so nice, we decide to take a two-hour boat tour to go around the lake. The tour departs at 2:15 PM and the ride is very comfortable. The large boat stops at a few towns along the lake shore to let people on and off allowing riders spectacular views of homes, parks, churches, and just the natural sceneries.
Off the boat we visit a few shops in the newer part of town and buy a few clothing items and some wine to take back to our hotel.

Capping off an exciting day, we stroll the new part of town near our hotel, examine the menus that are posted outside these cozy and restaurants, and select the one that seems attractive to us. We dine on salad, mussels and fries, and a large pizza.

Flower stands at the market

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