2017 Europe Day 14
Friday, September 22, 2017, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik in Croatia is a city I’ve always wanted to visit and it happens to be the last port-of-call on this itinerary. Unfortunately, the ship docks at the port fairly late (9:00 AM) and leave fairly early (3:00 PM) so we want to be off the ship as quickly as possible unlike other days when we took our time. By 9:15 AM, we’re off the ship and walk towards the port exit gate.

Dubrovnik Old Town. The town square is way down there
Main square
Ha and Lee in Dubrovnik
Ha and Thu Ba
So many things to see 
Oanh and Lee. Look at the blue sky
Enjoying the ice cream
Dubrovnik’s charm and vibrancy is legendary and now we are here, we get to see it for ourselves and can confirm what we had heard is all true. Red-roof buildings built along narrow stony paths, some on steps, others on level land, some look down to the squares and streets below, some look out to the beautiful and calm blue sea, and others look up to the green mountain thick with trees.

No need for maps, we walk on one of the many narrow paths that takes us to the marina where the edge of the town touches the incredible blue and clear water of the Adriatic Sea. On another path and we see monuments, churches, fancy hotels and restaurants, and art galleries. Another path would let us find tiny little cafes, candy shops, and souvenir shops.

From one end of Stradun Street, we walk to the other end near Pile Gate where people pay to climb up to the top of the wall. We decide not to do it because many in our group had done that before.

Around one corner, we stumble on an outdoor market that sells mostly fresh vegetables and hand-made goods. Sitting down at an outdoor cafe for some refreshment, we talk to our waiter who happens to have spent some time in Vietnam and we all agree traveling around the world really rewards our soul.

Ladies in our group
Tam enjoying a warm morning in Dubrovnik
Oanh, Bo, and Lee at the main square
A candy store
Klarisa Restaurant has an ...
How charming is this?
At the main square
Dubrovnik marina 
Vinh and Van
The marina
We walk everywhere 
An outdoor restaurant
... outdoor eating area
A picture-taking spot on the way to the top of the mountain 
At the Onofrio's Fountain by Pile Gate
Outdoor market
Shopping for souvenirs
Having refreshment
Few more pictures at the Old Town
It's time to go to other places. We meet Milo at the same place he had dropped us off. We drive up a winding road to the spot to which cable cars ascends so we can take a look at the Old Town from up high and take pictures. Dubrovnik is even prettier from above.

Winding our way back to the port, our last stop is at an overlook area. Here you can see the suspension bridge bearing the name of the first Croatian President, Dr. Franja Tuđmana, the majestic city below, and the gleaming Poesia in the port.

From the bridge overlook area, Milo then takes us back to the port where some of us head straight to the ship while the rest mingle along souvenir shops in the port.

Needless to say, we probably take more pictures in Dubrovnik than any other places on this trip.
Happy couple
Stylish Oanh
Top of the mountain. The Old Town is below
Can't get a better view than this
Good bye Dubrovnik
Group pic near the suspension bridge. The Poesia is at the port
Hoa and Ha
As with other stops, we do not buy any excursion offered by the cruise line. We instead rely on our research and knowledge of people in our group who had been to the ports before to figure out where to go and what to do. Near the gate, we negotiate with a van driver and he agrees to take us to the Old Town, let us visit it on our own for 3 hours, come back to pick us up and give us a driving tour of the rest of the City, then return us to the port, all for $10 a person.

The drive from the port to the Old Town on narrow streets takes about 30 minutes. Milo, the driver, let us off at near the cable car office and from which we walk down many steps to reach the main square. Off of the square is Stradun Street, the main street in the Old Town where crowds of people gather to visit churches, restaurants, art galleries, hotels, and museums.

Oanh and Nhan find some shade
Oanh enjoying the music
Enjoying the view
Lee high above Dubrovnik
Hoa and Ha
Great view from here
Taking picture with the locals

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