2017 Europe Day 4
Tuesday, September 12, 2017, Rennes, Dinan, France

Another cloudy and cool morning, another walk around the Town of Cancale.

Today breakfast is even more sumptuous than the one we had yesterday because we had a chance to go to the grocery store yesterday. Our breakfast is laid on a long table in the dining room and consists of baguettes, cheeses, ham, jambon, pastries, fruits, juices and cappuccinos. The thing about travelling with a group of close friends is that we always linger over meals and it's hard to get people to leave the house to go somewhere.

Early morning walk. Homes in Cancale
Hard to get everyone out of the house
Rennes interesting architectural style
Yes these building are occupied
La Vilaine River
Resting our feet
Rennes Opera
But we finally get out of the house, get in the car and drive to Rennes, a large city in the east of Brittany Region, 90 minutes from Cancale. We park our car near the John F. Kennedy metro station and take the metro to Sainte Anne Station in the old part of Rennes. Rennes' metro red line is fast, clean, and convenient and in just a few minutes it drops us off at Sainte Anne Station in the old part of Rennes.

Exiting the station, we are surrounded by a busy commercial area full of shops and sidewalk cafes, and people hurrying to and from.

Many buildings in the heart of Rennes were destroyed in a fire in 1720 and the remaining buildings with wood and stucco fascia now stand next to new buildings of stone and mason, and the contrast is fantastically attractive.

We walk around town, visit shops, churches, book stores, government building, opera house, and art galleries, taking in the sight and sound of this vibrant city. Then we sit down at a sidewalk cafe for a lunch of pizza and salad.

Rennes, France near Sainte Anne metro station
Lunch at La Cucina Restaurant in Rennes
Dinan is a very charming town
On the way back to Cancale, we also stop to visit Dinan about an hour west of Cancale.

The city is distinctively bisected by the River Rance and divided into two parts: one by the river and the other on the hill above the river. Winding roads and a spectacular viaduct connects various parts of the city together and make the city easy to navigate.

The river below
Lovely lunch
Dinan, France
Streets of Dinan
How charming is this?
Dinan, view from the hill
Street by the river
We park our car near the city library and walk into town. Streets after cobble stone streets, we walk around admiring the city buildings' charming architecture, and its collection of shops and restaurants. Not too many tourists know about Dinan and in the off-peak season, the City is fairly quiet,

Then we drive to the lower part of the City next to the river whose banks are lined with sail boats. Rue du Quai Street runs parallel to the river and is lined with the hotels and restaurants. This is where you can get a great vantage points to view the viaduct.

We walk along the street to take pictures then settle down at a restaurant off the main street and have a crepe dinner.

La Rance River in Dinan
Cafe by the river
Great crepe dinner at a cozy restaurant in Dinan
Enjoying our time in Dinan
The beautiful Galette Nordique
Crepe dinner at L'ami Louis Restaurant 

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Relaxing day in Dinan