2017 Planning a Trip to Europe
Our Trip Itinerary. Land tour from September 9-14, 2017 and cruise from September 15-25, 2017

These ladies and four husbands will be on this trip

It seems like we go to Europe every year during the last few years and last year, we went twice because we like Europe and more importantly, we have dear friends who live there.

Earlier this year, we decided to get together in Brussels again do a land tour of the Brittany Region of France and catch an Italy – Greece cruise.
Brussels is our gathering place because Lee’s childhood friend, Ha, and her husband have a beautiful home there. The same 10 friends who went to Cologne, Germany last Christmas will be together again on this trip. We live all over the place: three in Vietnam, two in the US, one in Germany, and four in Belgium, and Ha is the tie among everybody.

Our plan is for everyone to meet in Brussels on September 9, then we will travel in Hoa’s van to France’s Brittany where we have rented a home in Cancale. Using Cancale as our base, we will explore the region’s historic towns, quaint villages, and magnificent churches.

We will drive back to Brussels on September 14, spend a cl ouple of days there, then fly to Venice to board the MSC-Musica for a 7-day cruise to Greece and back.

Airline and cruise tickets have been purchased, rental house in Cancale and hotel rooms in Brussels and Venice have been booked, and our itinerary has been developed.

We will see our friends in a few days and will file more reports.

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