2018 New York City
Day 3, Sunday, April 1

We had planned to take ferry to Staten Island just to pass by the Statue of Liberty to take some pictures but we opt to just go to Battery Park near the ferry terminal to see the statute from across the Hudson River. The park is located conveniently near the White Hall Street/South Ferry Station and has benches, marinas, and restaurants. On this sunny morning, the Statute of Liberty stands proudly in the early morning sun, her green coat and copper crown shine majestically. We take lots of pictures of the statute and the park nearby.

From Battery Park, we walk towards the Wall Street area, the financial heart of the city and the USA. We admire the magnificent Charging Bull on State Street and I spend some time explaining to our foreign friends the bull and bear cycles of our nation stock market system.

On way to Battery Park
Another beautiful day
Statue of Liberty across Hudson River
Oanh and Nhan
The Island Ferry Building
A couple of subway stop bring us to the Oculus Transportation Center, a building spectacularly designed by the famous Spanish architect, Santiago Calatrava.

The white gullwing building has ribs extended out from a glass center spine which allows its interior washed with natural sunlight. The main floor of the building is wide open for individuals and groups to congregate. Shops and restaurants ring around the building on two higher floors, and the subway and trains come to different floors below.

This building received the wrath of New Yorkers because of its cost but I believe overtime, people will treasure it along with other jewels New York City is known for.

A souvenir stand in Bowling Green
The amazing white ribs inside the Oculus Station
9/11 memorial. The South Pool
The Charging Bull Statute in Bowling Green Park. The bull is the symbol of rising stock price
The $4 billion Oculus Station. The white wings represent the Phoenix rising from the ashes.
So much natural light in this building
Lee in the Oculus Station
One World Trade Center Building, tallest building in the US
My and Lee
Across the Oculus is the 9-11 Memorial Plaza where an attack on America occurred on September 11, 2001. The plaza is an 8-acre park with two manmade waterfalls, the largest in the US. The waterfalls occupy the footprints of the destroyed World Trade Center towers and are surrounded by 400 white oak trees. The names of the people perished in the attack are edged in bronze on the rims of the Memorial pools. The Memorial is beautiful but serene and somber. We spend a great amount of time here reminiscing that fateful day.
The Sphere, destroyed in the 9/11 attack then recovered, stands in Liberty Park
Walking on Brooklyn Bridge 
Oanh and Ha at the 9/11 Memorial
Hoa enjoying the view from Brooklyn Bridge
Building on Ellis Island
My, Lang, Lee, Ha, Thu Ba, and Oanh in Battery Park
Group on Hudson River
Battery Park
Our next stop is at the City Hall Park which is the start of the famous Brooklyn Bridge on the Manhattan side. Following the crowd, we walk on the pathway above the traffic to the first bridge tower and have a great view of the Manhattan skyline. It’s amazing to view up close the gigantic granite tower and cables that suspend the iconic bridge, and landmark between Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Getting hungry, we head to Chelsea Market, an enclosed urban market in the Meatpacking District that occupies a city block. It’s supposed to be one of the most visited destinations in New York City. It’s an indoor market, a food court selling everything from soups in cups to lobster meals. The market is bustling with activities. We sit down at the Creamlne Restaurant to have great burgers and fries.

At the bridge pillar on the Manhattan side
Ha and Lee
How the Brooklyn Bridge was built
One last look
Back to Manhattan
Our last full day of New York City concludes too early because we have had so much fun. We will leave the city heading south to Washington DC in the morning.
Lee and Oanh
Building near the Chelsea Market
Goodbye from New York City

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