2019 Italy and Spain

Day 10. Wednesday, June 19, 2019, Seville

The 9:30 AM appointment comes and everyone is here in the hotel lobby ready for another great day in Seville.

The main attraction we want to visit today is the Macarena Church in a neighborhood called Macarena Hermandad. To get there, we take the tram in front of the Cathedral to Prado Station then Bus C4 to Macarena. The bus drops us off across the street from the church and we can immediately see the white and yellow stone gate, the similar color buildings and the church bell tower.

Macarena Church looks small on the outside but it is jaw-dropping on the inside. The statute of Mary on the altar under the church dome completely dominates. It just so happens that tomorrow is an important Catholic event called Corpus Christi and visitors have flocked to the city to observe it and some of them are here in this church marveling at the details of the interior decorations and the intricate roof lines. We stay inside the church for a while then wander out and walk around the neighborhood.

Late in the afternoon, we regroup and walk toward the Triana neighborhood across the river. We take our time walking, stopping frequently to look at things, take pictures or have drinks at a café. It’s a little warm but we are comfortable because of the light breeze blowing along the river.

The Triana Area is vibrant with shops, sidewalk cafes, and restaurants. Its main street is closed to cars and it is packed with people. There is a great market of the same name near the Triana Bridge but we pass it without going in.

Getting off the tram. Looking for Bus C4 to Macarena
Macarena Church Bell Tower
Entrance to Macarena Neighborhood. The arch.
The group
Flowers blooming everywhere
A beautiful morning
The City is getting ready to celebrate Corpus Christi, a big Catholic event. Pasos displays are on every street
Inside church
Macarena Neighborhood
Then it’s time for lunch and since the group is in the mood for some Asian foods, we climb on Bus 13 from the park and get off at Calle Trajano 20 minutes later. Around the corner from the bus stop, we go into Dong Hai, a restaurant that serves Chinese-Vietnamese dishes. The restaurant is roomy and our group occupies three tables where we order plenty of foods for lunch.

After lunch, some of us decide to go shopping, a couple head for a sidewalk café nearby, and the rest walks back to the hotel for some rest.
The church is spectacular inside and out
Group waiting for the bus to go to lunch
Across the street from Macarena is a quiet city park that features huge magnolia trees, blooming crepe myrtles, neatly trimmed olive trees, and walkways. Lee and I sit on one of the park benches in the shade while waiting for the group to catch up with us.
Corpus Christi celebration is very festive. The big day is tomorrow
People gather to view displays
Buildings have special decorations
After the siesta, we're ready to tour the City again
We stop for gelato
Bich and Thanh
Nhan and Oanh
Torre del Oro (Gold Tower)
Crossing the canal to Triana
Afternoon drinks on Paseo de Cristóban Colón
Sidewalk bench in Triana
Thu, Thanh, Diep and Be on Triana Bridge
Waiting for food
We walk through several streets in the neighborhood and around 8 PM, we settle for an outdoor restaurant called Taberna la Plazuela to have dinner.
Triana Neighborhood is to their left
Street in Triana
Taberna la Plazuela Restaurant in a park
Thuy and Diep
Al fresco dinner
Hop and Xuan
Hoa and Ha
Cathedral at night
Thu and Be
Festive restaurant
Beautiful night
Gold Tower at night
Seville at night
Seville Archdiocese Building
Beautiful Cathedral
Our hotel
Celebrating a beautiful day in Seville
Taking the tram to a certain bus stop
Beautiful Seville
Macarena Park
People work hard on their altars
Enjoy the refreshing gelato by the Cathedral
Lee, Oanh, and Ha by the Mozart Statue
Statue of Curro Romero, Seville's famous bullfighter
Chi Hai, Oanh and Nhan
Big plate of fried seafood coming
Walking back to hotel after dinner
Hotel interior

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