2019 Italy and Spain
Day 4. Thursday, June 13, 2019 Vernazza

It’s another beautiful day in Italy. I get up early, walk around the quiet town a little bit then return to the hotel with some warm croissants and hot tea for Lee. Around 9:00 AM, we leave our hotel room and start our hike to towards Monterosso Al Mare, Cinque Terre’s biggest village.

For the hike, we bring a bottle of water, our Cinque Terre cards which allow us to access the trail and ride the train back, a camera and some money. We do not want to load ourselves up with stuff.

The trail begins on a series of insufficient marked stairs in between two buildings in Vernazza and climbs up quickly before it exits into open air then continues to wind up and up almost halfway to Monterosso before it starts descending. Walking on the trail, all you can hear is the trees dancing in the wind, the soft waves crashing on the beaches below, and the occasional human voices from hikers heading from the opposite direction.

Hikers would encounter places where the trail is smooth, rocky, flat, steep, narrow, and wide all on the same trail but what magnificent views the trail offers. From the trail, we can see the colorful town of Vernazza, the grapevines, olive orchards, wild vegetation on the slopes, deep crevices, a mountain full of colors and expansive views of Monterosso, and of course the spectacular blue water of the Mediterranean Sea.

Along the trail
Vernazza appears below us after the first turn
Starting our hike on the stairs between two buildings in Vernazza and on to Monterosso
It's beautiful along the trail
Get ready to deal with a lot of steps
But the sea distracts us frequently from watching where we're going
Love locks left on railng
Vineyards and the deep blue sea along the trail
The trail is steep at places
Wild roses
After about two hours and rounding the last bend on the trail, we catch the sight of rows of beautiful umbrellas on Monterosso Beach. We reach the village square where there is a market going on so we stop in to get some fried squids, gelato, drink, and local souvenirs.

Then we walk to the larger beach and at the beach area anchored by the Nuovo Eden Restaurant and covered with orange and green umbrellas, we rent a couple beach chairs and an umbrella, and just relax for the next couple of hours. The water is cool but once you get in, it’s so refreshing.

You really have to watch your steps
Magnificent sea on a beautiful day
The trail can be treacherous
We can see Monterosso but we're not there yet
Monterosso outdoor market. They're selling fresh and large green peppers
Another rest
At the smaller beach in Moterosso
A restaurant in Monterosso
Flower stall
You can buy these assorted fried seafood for 5€ a cone
Late afternoon sun
Monterosso Beach
Flowers everywhere in Monterosso
Vernazza Square. Foosball table for anyone who wants to play
People are still on the beach at 8:00 PM
After resting on the beach for a while, when we walk down the street that stretches along the beach and enjoy the sights of building wrapped with bougainvillea and other colorful flowers and trees.

​ Outdoor restaurants, one after another, extend as far as the eye can see. Then we have lunch at the 5 Terre Gio Restaurant before we take the train back to Vernazza.

Another picture by the beach
Sun-worshippers staying late
Back at the hotel, we shower, change, rest, and go to dinner. Dinner tonight in Vernazza is at Taverna del Capitano owned by the same folks who rent us the hotel room. We sit outside under a white umbrella on white chairs at a white tablecloth table. We order caprese salad and the magnificent lobster linguini for two, then linger over cappuccinos before we head back to the hotel to pack.
Lee taking a short rest
We reach an area where we can see Vernazza a second time from a higher spot
Purple flowering trees line Via Fegina Street
Building wrapped in bougainvillea
Our light but delightful lunch in Monterosso
This spot captures everything Vernazza offers
This side of Vernazza is rocky
We order the excellent seafood linguini for two at the Taverna del Capitano Restaurant
Having dinner at Taverna del Capitano Restaurant

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