About Bo

Born in Saigon, Vietnam but I now live in Fort Worth, Texas, USA.

I'm fiscally conservative and socially liberal.

I like to work, read, exercise, invest, and travel.

My curiosity is untamable and thirst for knowledge is unquenchable. 

My life is guided by a few principles:

1) Do the right thing
2) Give more, take less
3) Live life to the fullest
4) Don't let things slide

I like considerate people. Those who put books back after they read them at the bookstores, grocery carts at their designated places, wipe off the treadmills after they use them at the gym, etc…

I am not crazy about big parties. I like intimate dinners with just a few friends.

Those who know me think I'm extremely organized and technologically advanced.

I am not a very religious person but would like to sit down with someone who has a deep faith and have a serious conversation about religions especially the organized kinds.



​Just finished reading ‘Where the Crawdads Sing" be Delia Owens. What a hauntingly beautiful book!

Norman Mailer's 'The Executioner's Song" got me hooked on reading in 1980.


Last movie I watched: 

​"First Man'. Story of Neil Armstrong going to the moon.

Last good movie I saw:​​ ​​

​​"The Theory of Everything" They found an interesting and suspenseful way to portray the lives of physicist, Stephen Hawking, and his wife.

Best movie ever? "The Godfather"


I like good music regardless of its genre: classical, jazz, rock, rap, and a little bit of country.

Best rock band ever? "The Beatles"

My most favorite classical composer is "Bach"


I will not travel without my:



​1) Laptop
2) Smart phone
3) Samsung Tab 3 tablet
4) Nikon D-90 Camera

On the road - domestic or international - I tether my phone to my laptop when free WiFi is unavailable.​​

Zodiac Signs

Mount Rushmore,
South Dakota, 2009

      Taurus                    Dragon
Lee and Bo in Bellagio, Italy
October 2007
Lee & Bo
Bellagio, Italy
October 2007