Final Comments on our European Trip 2007
1)Spend a little time and plan for your trip before you leave home. Read Rick Steve's books and other European traveling books. 

2)Early October is a great time to travel to Europe. It's not too hot, not too cold; and it is off-peak season so it's easier and cheaper to reserve flights and hotel accommodation.

Read reviews on "Trip Advisor" website when booking hotels. People can tell you a lot about the hotels they had stayed in. By the same token, write a review to help future travellers. 

Book multi-destinations on your flight. We flew into Rome from home (DFW Airport) and fly home from Paris. It's a little more expensive but it saves time because we didn't have to go back to Rome to fly home.

If there are less than four people in you party, traveling by train in Europe would be more economical than renting a car. Plus it's more relaxing too. If you can afford it, book first-class train tickets. We traveled from Milan to Paris on an overnight train and were given a private couchette with two beds because we had first-class tickets.

Make reservation for each leg of the trip from the US. Reserve in advance so that you can receive your tickets before you leave.
7)       Download metro maps from the Internet for every city you plan to visit. Study them and you will be able to get around the city just fine. We were able to visit numerous sites in Italy and France without having to flag down a taxi.

 8)       Determine how much you want to spend each day and get the Euros here in the US. It would be more expensive if you use your debit cards to get cash or exchange for Euros at European airports.

 9)       Stay in shape and be prepared to walk.

 10)     Be prepared to put up with crowds.

 11)   Brookstone has the best electrical adapter. We bought one for $29 and it worked great. The one we bought from Fry's wasn't too good.

 12)   Be aware of your surrounding at all times. Although nothing happened to us while we were traveling, there were enough horror stories to make us being real careful.

 13)   Just about everywhere you go, people understand English.

 14) Everywhere we went, we heard American music so if you want to listen to good classical music, bring your iPod.

 15) Go to Europe. You won't be disappointed. 

 (Written November 1, 2007)

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