Lake Como and Bellagio 2007
Wednesday, October 10, 2007

We got to Como in the northern part of Italy just south of Switzerland. Here, the mountains converge forming a beautiful and sparkling lake. The day was warm and clear and we could see towns lining along the shores. Villas are everywhere and some sit high up on the edge of the mountains. Those folks must have a hell of a view. We stayed at the Park Mueble Hotel near the Town Square, the lake, and a 10-minute walk from the train station. The hotel was recently refurbished; our room was big and has a side view of the lake. The bathroom was new and nice. Seems like all the shops and restaurants in Como are located in the Town Square which is anchored by an old church. We had to walk around waiting for restaurants to open and serve dinner which they do at around 7:30 PM. Italians eat dinner late because they take long lunches. They dress so nice when they go out to dinner as if they're going to some kind of semi formal party. They treasure good foods. They look great.
 Having Lunch
Lee in Lake Como
Main Walk
Patio Restaurant
It's A Beautiful Day. Lee is looking so pretty.
It was late when we got back to Como and the train station. I had reserved a sleeper coach for the 10-hour trip to Paris and we were given a private room with bunk beds. We should be able to sleep on the train tonight and when we get to Paris early tomorrow morning, hit the ground running.

So far everything has gone as we've planned. Buying Eurail passes and making reservations for each leg of the trip from the US has helped a lot. It definitely has saved us time and hassles…plus it's cheaper than buying train passes here.

Good night everyone and I'll conclude this travel blog after we visit Paris.

(Written October 13, 2007)
Thursday, October 11, 2007

Our plan today was to check out the hotel but leave our luggage there, make a day trip to Bellagio, return to Como to pick up our luggage; and board the train to Paris later in the evening.

After a quick breakfast, we boarded a ferry to Bellagio. There are many boats zigzagging the lake but we took the fast one that did not stop at every town. The trip took 45 minutes and cost $17 per person one-way.

The view along the way was spectacular. We saw more villas in one day than in our lifetime so it was kind of hard to spot George Clooney's.

Bellagio itself completely floored us. I don't think I can describe how beautiful this place is. Its beauty caused me to email some of you immediately after we got off the ferry. Bellagio is so relaxed, classy, and charming.

Buildings in Bellagio stair-step the side of the mountain. At lake level, restaurants, hotels, and side walk cafes line the shore. Walking up a few stone steps to the next level, one would find shops, more places to eat, and bed-and-breakfast places. Taking a few more steps and there are more shops, hotels and churches. Up the last few steps, blue sky, foliaged mountains, and sun-reflected water collide creating a vista so grand, Lee and I were just speechless.

Buildings are painted in different colors and accessorized with plants, wrought iron balconies and flowered trellises.

This place is so blessed. I am going to stop writing now and post a few pictures so everyone can see. We took over 200 high resolution pictures but my blog can't handle large files and thus, pictures you see here are small and grainy but trust me...This place is BEAUTIFUL!!!
Bellagio Shore
Bed and Breakfast
Lakeside Cafe
Lake Balcony
Bo and Lee in Bellagio, Italy

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