Cote d'Azur Day 2
Friday, October 22, 2010

Waking up to a sunny and warm morning, we had a relaxing breakfast at the apartment then went out on the balcony to admire the amazing Cote d’Azur coast. Nice is in a bay (Bay of Angels) and because of that the water is calm and the waves gently and untiringly polish millions of pebbles on the beach.

Lee, Bo, Khanh and Don say: Hello Sun
Place Massena is a colorful square right in Downtown Nice. The tram runs through here
Don and Khanh on the tram to check out the city
A market near the Valrose University tram station
Picking up fresh seafood for lunch
Khanh and Lee at Place Massena
Tremendous view of Cote d'Azur
A quick bus ride took us to the center of town, a place called Place Massena which is a large square with colorful buildings and full of shops. The sleek and new tram line runs through here and so we took it to see various parts of the City.
We rode the tram to the end of the line then headed back to town and got off at the Valrose University Station and from there, we walked to an open-air market and shopped for fresh fruits, vegetable, and seafood.

With groceries, we returned to Place Massena, picked up the Avis rental car I had reserved weeks earlier, and drove to the apartment. Driving in this city is difficult enough but finding a place to park is horrendous. The apartment does not have its own garage and hence, one has to find a parking spot on the street (good luck with that) or a parking garage which is not very close by. This is why the locals use their bus system but since we wanted to go to many places outside of Nice and did not want to wait for busses, we rented this car.
Lunch at apartment before we go to Eze Village
After a seafood noodle lunch excellently prepared by Chef Don, we drove to Eze Village, an ancient town that perches on top of a mountain.

Eze is about 8 miles from Nice and to get there we took a scenic highway called the Moyenne Corniche. This highway climbs up steeply from Nice and offers tremendous views of the town, villages, and the sea below. The view was so wonderful, we had to pull off the highway before we got to Eze to take pictures.
On the way the Eze Village, we stop at a lookout spot to admire the view below
The area is so beautiful, many cruise ships drop their anchors here
Lee and Khanh enjoying the view
Villefrance Sur-Mer is below
At Eze Village, we parked our car at the lot off the highway, had coffee at an outdoor café near the entrance to the village then proceeded to walk up to the village.
Coffee break before walking up to Eze Village
Buildings and church in Eze Village are made of wood and stones, and the stairs winding around the village are of cobbles and bricks. You walk under arches, along flowered trellis, and around statutes and fountains while the church bell rings every so often. There are restaurants here, art galleries there, and high-end fashion shops up the steps.

At every turn, one is treated with the magnificent view of the mountain and sea and the beautiful homes and villas dotting the landscape. Here are some pictures of Eze Village. 

The church bell tower
Continue up the stairs to the top of the village, we entered into an exotic garden of lush vegetation, cacti, and statues. The garden offers 360-degree view of the French Riviera and the view is simply breathtaking. We picked a good day to visit this place because it was not very crowded, the sky was clear, the weather warm, and we could see miles and miles around us.

​Now I understand why people say Eze Village is one of the most picturesque villages in the region. I hope you get to visit it some day.

From Eze, we drove back to Nice and stopped at seaside towns called Villefrance Sur Mer and St Jacque Ferrat then back to the apartment for dinner.

For a night cap, we went downstairs to the Le Jardin du Capitol Restaurant for coffee, desserts, and drinks. Our second day on Cote d’Azur was simply satisfying.

That's it for now. I will write about Monaco tomorrow.
Bo and Lee in Eze Village, France

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Old buildings in Eze Village
Lee in Eze Garden peering over a stone map
Too bad my blog can't handle large quantity of pictures or I would show you more stunning pictures of beautiful people and scenery
Khanh by one of many statues in the garden