Cote d'Azur Day. My Random Final Thoughts
Everyone knows that you should avoid Cote d’Azur during the summer time because of the crowd and traffic. I think the best time to visit it would be mid to late September. We went late October and although the weather was nice, it was too cool to be swimming in the ocean.

Cruise ship docks at Villefrance - Sur - Mer
Stay at a central location from which you can travel to different places. I am glad we chose Nice. We were able to make short drives to Eze (20 minutes), Monte Carlo (40 minutes), Cannes (45 minutes), and St Tropez (90 minutes). We stayed in Nice for four days and went to all those places but I wish we had stayed an extra day or two to really experience Nice.

We loved Eze Village especially the garden where you pay 4 Euros per person to get in.
A stone tablet showing various special features of Eze Village
If you want to rent a car in Nice, avoid the airport location. We would have had to pay Avis at Nice Airport 300 Euros for a three-day rental but instead, we got the same car at the Avis Office near Place Massena for only 175 Euros. Check rates online.
Khanh and Don in St Tropez
Khanh in Monaco
Lee in Cannes
A little girl enjoying her tall dessert at a sidewalk cafe in Monte Carlo
Bus 98 from the airport will take you to the bus station in Downtown Nice or drop you off at various locations along Promenade des Anglais. The bus has large compartments for your luggage and the ride only costs 4 Euros per person. Lignes d’Azur website ( has all kinds of information about its bus and tram routes. If we had time, we would have used the bus system because it is so cheap to use.
Bo and Lee sharing a tender moment in Cannes
Parking in Nice is horrendous in terms of finding available space or paying for the parking fee. You can park on the street if you can maneuver your car into a tight space and feed the meter, or park in a parking garage. Typical parking garage rates are 2 Euros for an hour or 20 Euros for a day. Maps of parking garages are available online.
If you are a fan of Henry Matisse, you might be disappointed with the Matisse Museum in Nice. The museum is small and does not have some of the pieces Matisse is known for.
Driving in Cote d’Azur is easy because they have signs everywhere. If you know the names of some of the towns you have to pass through before you get to your final destination and pay attention to the highway and street signs, you can get there without any problem. I didn’t even have to take bulky maps with me on the trip. Highway Moyence Corniche from Nice to Monaco offers excellent views of the hills and the sea.
Staying in an apartment is great! You can go to the market and get fresh foods, cook your own meal; and save money.

Our apartment on the sixth floor of the 52 Promenade des Anglais Building has an amazing view of the Mediterranean Sea and the promenade below but the bedrooms, bathrooms, and elevator are extremely small.

However, the apartment has a large dining and living area which also connects to the balcony. This is nice because this was where we spent most of our time in.

Another reason I love this apartment is because Bus 98 from the airport stops a block from our apartment and can take us to downtown in no time at all.

This is our third trip to France and I can assure you that contrary to what my American friends think, the French people are not rude. We have always had great experience in France.

Visit Cote d'Azur....You will not be disappointed.

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We cross this beautiful bridge on the way from Nice to Eze Village

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