The Central Park is on Deck 8 and has several restaurants: Chops Grille, 150 Central Park, Giovanni's Table, and Park Cafe. It also has Vintages (a wine bar), Trellis Bar, and a Coach Store.

In the afternoon, we went to Deck 16 and relaxed in one of the two Solarium hot tubs which cantilever over the edge of the ship. This area is for adults only. The bubbling hot tub is huge and sitting in it, you can look straight down into the ocean.
Out of the hot tub, we changed and went to the Royal Promenade to get ready for the formal dinner tonight.

Cruising the Eastern Caribbean (Day 6)
Thursday, May 13, 2010

Today is an at-sea day. Perfect day to lay around the pools and explore other neighborhoods. Today, let's visit Central Park. I am going to show you a lot of pictures of this beautiful and special area. It's amazing that they could create an expansive and beautiful urban park on a ship like this.
Open-air Central Park on Deck 8
Walkways and trellis
Stone walls and high-end stores
There are thousands of plants and numerous species growing vigorously everywhere you look.

The park has winding sidewalks, benches, and sculptures. It looks great in the day time but at night, it is even more attractive because of all the wonderful lighting.

Trellis Bar on Central Park
Julian enjoying the view outside
Giovanni's Table's patio dining area on Central Park 
Lee in front of Park Cafe. They serve excellent complimentary salad and sandwiches.
"150 Central Park" is a specialty restaurant. It costs $35 per person to dine here and reservation is required
Beautiful appointment
Inside the Chops Grille Restaurant
Inside Vintages wine bar
We couldn't stop taking pictures of Central Park
We have the hot tub all to ourselves and the vast ocean behind us
How do you like this hot tub?
Inside the fancy 150 Central Park Restaurant
Lee inside 150 Central Park
Classy Chops Grille Restaurant
You can sit in this chair in the Solarium and watch the sunset.
A mint 1936 Auburn Boattail Speedster on Royal Promenade. Actually, there is no engine under the hood.
We met Rod and Lynnette who are cruising back to back
At Globe Atlas Club having drinks before dinner
Whole family is here for formal dinner: Julian, Stephanie, Christina, Steve, Lee, Jessica, and Bo
All you can eat lobster and shrimps
Lee and Christina in front of Casino Royale
Lobsters for dinner. You can order as many lobsters as you want and most of us had second on the lobster and shrimps.

We then went to Casino Royale to try our luck.
Jessica and Steve
It was another great day and tomorrow will be our last day on this great ship. Oh no!!!

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Inside Chops Grille Restaurant
No alcoholic beverage for Jessica who is five-month pregnant but doing fine on the cruise