In the afternoon, Lee and I went to Windjammer Restaurant for a lunch buffet and took time over coffee to enjoy the magnificent view of the ocean off the coast of the Bahamas

We also caught a street parade down on the Royal Promenade.
Cruising the Eastern Caribbean (Day 7)
Friday, May 14, 2010

This is the last full day of our cruise. The Oasis is powering its way towards Fort Lauderdale and you could feel a slight sway from side to side standing on the ship deck. Very slight sway but you could feel it.

We had been blessed all week long with great weather and smooth sea and today was no exception.

We spent a long time on the top deck in the early afternoon treasuring the cloudless blue sky, sparkling deep blue sea; and the fresh ocean air. We were in heaven.

Caribbean Sea from our balcony
Gathering for a quick breakfast at Park Cafe on Central Park
Pool time. If you want sun, go to Deck 16
Deck 15 looking down on Central Park
Our last lunch on this cruise
The sun deck on Deck 16 wraps around the ship
Being the last day of the cruise, we wanted to make sure we did as much as we could. I still don't know how we were able to squeeze so many things into one day but we had breakfast and lunch, went to the gym, pools, hot tubs, checked out various neighborhoods, restaurants and bars; and lingered at sidewalk cafe before we headed to dinner.
A hot tub in kids' H20 pool area
One of four pools on Deck 15
Had too much sun? Go to one of the bars on Deck 15 and have a beverage
Lee and Christina sharing a comfy chair in the Solarium
We had lunch at this table in Windjammer Restaurant
Dr. Seuss Theme Street Parade
6,000 cruisers on the ship but you don't feel crowded
Come on...let's go. Everybody is downstair having drinks
Lee in the Solarium
I have to go to collect my wife and daughter for dinner ...
Down on Royal Promenade, we gather at Globe Atlas for a pre-dinner drink
Clockwise from left: Christina, Stephanie, Jessica, Bo, Julian, Lee. Steve is taking the picture
... while they are trying to catch the last sunray of the day
OK ... one last picture
Everybody ... look over here
Clockwise from left: Stephanie, Julian, Jessica, Steve, Christina, Lee
After that we went to the Solarium hot tub again then it was time for dinner.
With our waiter (Ian), next to Steve,  and assistant waiter (George). Opus Main Dining Rom. Table 420
From the Globe Atlas Pub on the Royal Promenade, we went down to the Opus Main Dining Room for our last dinner on this great ship.

After dinner, we went up to Deck 8 and strolled into the Boardwalk.

This area is designed to resemble a seaside boardwalk complete with shops, ice cream parlor, sea food and hamburger restaurant, and a carousel. This area is where the Aqua Theater and the two 43-foot rock climbing walls are located.
Carousel on Oasis Boardwalk with 18 different animals
Sculpture in front of Johhny Rocket Hamburger on the Boardwalk
Whoa ... slow down buddy
Strolling on the Boardwalk
One of the two climbing walls
View of Boardwalk at night from Deck 15
The magnificient Central Park at night
At the Captain's requests, we left our bags outside our stateroom around 11 PM so that they could be brought downstairs and delivered to the port as soon as our ship docks in Port Everglades tomorrow morning.

Royal Caribbean is so organized in the way they handle passengers on such a big ship. The de-embarkation procedure was well planned and it really helped that everything was in writing in the language of your choice.
Lee and I then went out to the Royal Promenade to treasure the last few precious moments on this magnificent ship.

This has been a great vacation for our family. How can you beat having everybody you love together on a venue like this? We will leave the Oasis-of-the-Seas tomorrow with wonderful memories.

So long Oasis.

Here wishing you many years of safe voyages.

(Written 5/20/2010)
Group photo taken by Royal Caribbean photographer. Front row: Jessica, Steve, Little Man Julian. Back row: Bo, Lee, Christina, Stephanie

This is the night when we tip our waiters. Royal Caribbean gives guests suggestions as to how to tip their wait staff and room attendants and we followed its recommendations.
Lee and Bo

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