Goodbye Buenos Aires 2009
One of the City's many statues
Lee on the oldest subway line in South America
Merry Go-Round in Abasto Mall
and an Amusement Park too
View from our hotel room
By the Flower Shop
Meat, Cheese and Bread Shop
Argentina National Library
More statues
Argentinean continental breakfast
Back at the hotel, a group of musicians had set up a stage to play music. I listened and watched them for a while.
There is a Hard Rock Cafe here too
                                    Flamenco Music Festival
Meat Being Cooked
                                 Lee in front of a flower kiosk
                                                                   Midnight sidewalk café
Lee on the hotel pool deck
 The hotel changes flower arrangements every few days and today the theme is green. It's coincidental that Lee's blouse matches the new theme.
                                  Lee at the hotel lobby
There is a newsstand at almost every street corner and the Argentineans' love for dogs is evident by a wide display of dog magazines.
Magazines about dogs
We visited Café Tortoni a couple of days ago and decided to go back there for breakfast today because we love this place so much. The history, ambience, foods and servers are wonderful. I ordered a continental breakfast and was stunned by how much food they brought me.
Monday 2/23/2009

We got up late this morning and it was hot. We took the subway to Avenue 9 de Julio and had lunch at a downtown restaurant. Back down to the subway, we took the red line up to the Carlos Gardel Station and went to the Abasto Mall, one of the biggest malls in Buenos Aires. This mall is so big; it contains a merry-go-round and amusement park on its top floor.
Lunch in Downtown
Back to Florida Street, we wandered among the numerous shops lining both sides of the street. It's late afternoon and the street was packed with pedestrians. McDonald's and Burger Kings sprinkle along this street. Mc Donald's here are cool because they have special sections for people to sit and enjoy coffee and pastries (they are called Mc Café).
Lee on Florida Street
Lee was pretty much worn out after a day of riding subway and walking. We took a taxi back to the hotel. Lee stayed there and I went and visited some of Buenos Aires' cultural sites. I liked the National Library and the Museum of Fine Arts a lot.
Museum of Fine Arts
The city has so many statues and some of them are amazingly elaborate.
Music Festival near the Hilton
At night, we went to the Recoleta Section of the city. This area has so many restaurants and most of them have indoor and outdoor seating areas. The night time weather here in February is perfect. It's in the 70s and most people choose to dine outdoor. As I mentioned before, people go to dinner very late. If you go to a restaurant before 10 PM, you'd be dining by yourself. This is beefeaters' heaven. Most restaurants display fire pits in the front that slow cook different parts of the cow.
It was midnight when we finished our dinner and took a stroll on a nearby street. Many shops are still open at this time and sidewalk cafes are still packed.
Tuesday 2/24/2009

The Hilton has a nice fitness facility, spa, pool and deck area. I've been here four days and gone to the gym once. It's hard to spend a couple of hours at the gym while you could walk to different neighborhoods in this throbbing city. Our main form of exercise in Buenos Aires is walking. You could walk from street to street, be amazed of the City architecture, and fascinated by its people. When you are tired, pull up a chair at a sidewalk café, have something to drink, and watch people going by.
After breakfast, we went to the San Telmo Section of the City hoping to catch some tango dancing. We hopped on the subway train then walked a few blocks to arrive at this historic neighborhood. Buildings and streets here are charming and remind me of the Montmarte Section of Paris.
                                                             A street in San Telmo
Buildings near San Telmo Square
                      Lee looking at arts and crafts stands
We took a seat at an outdoor café in the square and the music started playing and a young couple walked up to the center of the square and started dancing. These people are professional dancers. They would dance a few songs then ask for donations from the crowd.
Their dancing is wonderful. Down the block, another couple began their routine. If you love tango, this is the place to be. If you love tango and love eating meat, you're in heaven in Buenos Aires.
Lee enjoying the tango
San Telmo Tango
                                          Another couple tangoing
                  Lee and the tango couple
We spent the whole afternoon at the square, eating, drinking and watching people dancing. At night we went to the Palermo Section of the City for a late dinner. It was such a wonderful day in Buenos Aires.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Time to leave this lovely city. This morning we hailed a cab to the airport. I'm writing this blog on the plane as we're heading to our next destination Rio de Janeiro. We thoroughly enjoyed Buenos Aires and hope for the same experience in Rio.
I will post another blog in a couple of days to let you know how it is in Rio. Love

(Written February 25, 2009)

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