Paris 2012, Day 3
Saturday, May 12, 2012

Today we will visit the Montmartre Section of Paris. From our base, Victor Hugo Metro Station, we get on Metro Line 2 and stay on it until the Blanche Station where we get off.

​Immediately in front of the station exit sits the famous Moulin Rouge. The Moulin Rouge looks kind of old and tired to me and no longer carries the granduer it once did. The area is crowded with tour busses, miniature trains that take tourists places, and people milling around taking pictures of the Moulin Rouge and adults stores on both sides of the avenue.

Christina and Lee in front of the Moulin Rouge
Streets in Monmartre Section of Paris
We walk up Rue Lepic to the Abbesses Area of Monmartre. Here restaurants just open for the day and are already crowded with customers sunning themselves in the sun while enjoying breakfast.
A flower shop in Monmartre
Shafts of light shine through one of the church's domes
Streets in Momartre are hilly
Cafes opening up for the day
Peace !!!
View of Paris from Sacre Coeur
Lee and Christina at Sacre Coeur
We continue toward another one of Paris’ famous structures, the Basilica Sacre-Coeur. The church is on the highest point of Paris and its white domes are visible from miles away.

​​From the street level Lee and Christina take the inclined elevator called funiculaire to the base of the church while I climb the stairs to admire the views. Arrive at the base of the church, we look around at the city below and Paris opens up and spreads out elegantly on a clear, warm and sunny day.

We take our time at Sacre-Coeur wandering around its perimeter and take plenty of pictures then go inside to admire its amazing interior then head back to the Metro to go visit Bastille Square and St Paul Area of Paris.
Bastille Square is known as the area where the French Revolution began. This world-changing event is memorialized by a monument called Colonne de Juillet which stands tall in a large traffic circle where half dozen streets come together. Bastille Square is a busy place. The metro station entrances are crowded with hurried people coming and going. Around the circle, restaurants with outdoor seating protected by colorful canopies and umbrellas mix in with shops and offices creating such a lively place. 

Bastille Square. The French Revolution began here
Lee and her friend, Ngan
Inclined elevators taking people to the base of Sacre Coeur Chruch
Magnificient Sacre Coeur
A beautiful day in Paris
Anvers Street near Sacre Coeur
Home of Victor Hugo in St Paul Area
​​We have lunch in Bastille Square then head down Rue Saint Antoine towards the St Paul section of Paris. St Paul is such a lively area with cafes and shops lining the street. We stop to take pictures in front of the home Victor Hugo, French poet and novelist, used to own then continue down Rue de Rivoli and have coffee near the St Paul Metro Station.

​​Tonight we are having dinner with Lee's childhood friend, Ngan, her husband Maurice, and their daughter, Galaxy. They live in Paris and come to the US often. The have made a reservation at a Portugese seafood restaurant called Pedra Alta. We order steaks and seafood and the waiter stuns us when he brings out the seafood tray. We spend a long time talking and enjoying the dinner. Thank you Galaxy for treating to such a wonderful dinner.

Lobster, crab, mussel, squid and shrimp tray at Pedra Alta Restaurant
Christina and Galaxy

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