Paris 2012, Day 4
Sunday May 13, 2012

It's a day that we plan to take it easy. We will meet and have lunch somewhere with our new friend, Galaxy, and attend the 6:30 pm Mass at Notre Dame Cathedral.

On the way to the St Paul Area to meet Galaxy, we stop at the Hotel de Ville to admire its beautiful architecture and take pictures. It's is such beautiful day in Paris. It's sunny and in the high 60's.

​Hotel de Ville, located just on the north side of the Seine River, is an immense building that reflects the glory of France.

Christina in front of Hotel de Ville
Lee in the square in front of Hotel de Ville 
​​Built as a city hall, then destroyed by a fire, then rebuilt into a hotel. 108 statues representing famous Parisians adorn the exterior of the hotel. This is where the famous photograph "The Kiss by the Hotel de Ville" was taken by Robert Doisneau.
Robert Doisneau's famous photograph "The Kiss by the Hotel de Ville"
Outdoor bazaar near Bastille Square
Hotel de Ville
Shopping mall across the street from Hotel de Ville
Lee, Galaxy, and Christina enjoying lunch
Sidewalk cafes everywhere
Checking out bargains
I would love to live and work here
A parade in the Marais Neighborhood
Ornate street lights
Touring Paris
We meet Galaxy then walk towards Bastille Square to have lunch. ​​On this bright Sunday afternoon, Parisans come out of their apartments, stroll down the streets, sit and sun themselves on park benches, and at sidewalk cafes. This is such lively and liveable city.

We have lunch ​​at a place called Hippopotamus, a restaurant chain that has locations all over France. The menu is mostly American and we have a great lunch of steak and salad.

​​After lunch, Galaxy takes Christina to visit her place leaving Lee and I to wander the City ourselves. We would meet at the Notre Dame at 6:30 pm to attend Mass.
Inside a Hippopotamus Restaurant. This one is at Bastille Square
Lee enjoying the warm sun at the Stravinsky Fountain near Georges Pompidou Center 

Cafe au lait near Stravinsky Fountain
We are not Catholics but have always wanted to attend a service at the world's most famous cathedral. As planned, we meet Galaxy and Chrisitna in front of the Notre Dame at 6:15 pm and promptly go inside for the 6:30 pm Mass. The church is filled with christians and non-christians alike, and the service is in French but thanks to the program, we are able to follow the activities. What impresses me most is the choir performance in this amazingly acoustical place.

After Mass, we go to the Latin Quarter for dinner and head home.

Sunday parade in Marais
Attending Mass
At the Notre Dame
Angels sing here

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