Planning a Trip to Italy's Amalfi Coast
Open Gate Restaurant, Praiano, Italy
Amalfi Coast
Amalfi Coast, a series of  fishing villages and towns along the coast and up on the hills connected together like a string of pearls, has become more and more well known to tourists from all over the world. They flock to the Amalfi Coast every year because of its natural beauty, tempered weather, cultural sites; and it is only a short ferry ride to the famous Island of Capri.

We have booked our flights and reserved a small villa called I Gabbiani in the town of Praiano which is located just a few miles south of Positano.

We will leave Dallas-Fort Worth on September 17, 2011, fly to Naples with a short layover in London. In Naples, we will rent a car and drive to Praiano. We will spend a week on the coast and head home on September 25th.

I believe the best time to travel to Italy is in late September when the weather is still warm and the summer tourists are almost gone.
Driving in Italy especially on the Amalfi Coast will be interesting. The research I've done all points to the same conclusion that navigating the 20-mile Amalfi Coast will give a driver a harrowing but rewarding experience. The narrow road twists and turns and threads between the mountain and the sea, but offers spectacularly breathtaking views. I am looking forward to being there.

itinerary is set. There are so many things we want to do and hope that we have enough time to do them all. I am looking forward to getting back to Italy, visiting its people, tasting its extraordinary cuisine; and most of all, experiencing Italy once more.

(Written August 21, 2011)

Well known places like Naples, Sorrento, Pompei,
Positano, and Capri
Regular travel companions. L-R: Don and Khanh Nguyen, Lee and Bo Cung. Las Vegas, February 2011.

A few years ago, when I was researching for a trip to Italy, I kept running into mentioning of the Amalfi Coast, the area on the Tyrrhenian Sea south of Naples. Then I saw the picture on the right. 

A sidewalk cafe sitting lazily on the side of an Amalfi coastal road. Its white umbrellas, tables and chairs stand out against the background of a blue sea and the brilliant blue sky. Pots of plants here, climbing flowers there, and a small red car jutting gently into the road creating a picture so unique that it has been tugging at me ever since. I want to sit there and dream and write.

We ended up going to Rome, Venice, Lake Como and Bellagio that year and had a wonderful time, but I have never forgotten about the Amalfi Coast.

Over dinner a few months ago, I suggested to my wife, Lee, and our regular traveling companions, Khanh and Don, that we should visit the Amalfi Coast and everyone agreed to go. This will be the second trip to Italy for Lee and me, but first trip for Khanh and Don

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