Going to Paris 2009
All Set for Paris

A long-time friend, Linda Tran, has also decided to go with us to Paris so now our party consists of five people: Linda, Martine, Danh, Lee, and myself. We have reserved our hotel rooms and purchased airline tickets, airport transfers, metro and museum passes. We have also decided on an itinerary and agreed on some basic trip rules. We are all set.

We will leave Dallas-Fort Worth on September 30, 2009 and arrive in Paris on October 1st. A private van will pick us up at the airport and deliver us directly to our hotel, the Ares Eiffel. This boutique hotel is located minutes from the Eiffel Tower and ranked fairly high on Trip Advisor.

Images from Bo's and Lee's Trip to Europe in 2007
Nothing beats a good cup of coffee and a warm and moist croissant on a crisp October morning in Paris and I can't wait to enjoy that again. Danh and Martine - who are food connoisseurs- have been checking on restaurants and so I know we will eat good.

I'll post another blog when we get to Paris.

(Written August 23, 2009)

Bo, Lee, Linda, Martine and Danh in front of Eddie V's Restaurant, Fort worth, Texas

Planning for a trip to Paris

You might recall that we traveled to Italy and France in 2007 and I had noted on this blog how much Lee loved Paris and we talked about returning soon. Well, we have decided to go back to Paris for a few days the first week of October and unlike last time when we overloaded our travelling schedule, this time we will just stay in one place and really enjoy Paris.

Our friends, Martine and her husband, Danh, will come with us on this trip. Martine and I used to work at the same company years ago, Lee and I were at their wedding in 2005 and Danh attended Steve's wedding in 2006. They now live in Richardson, Texas and we get together every once in a while for dinner.
Stock picture of Tour Eiffel du nuit
Martine, Danh, Bo and Lee at Lonesome Dove Restaurant, Fort Worth, TX

Martine has been to Paris before but Danh has not. Like me, Danh loves to go to museums and I am sure with the help of Museum Passes, our cultural hunger will be satisfied.

We will leave DFW on September 30, 2009 and return on October 5. We had bought airlines tickets, Martine and Danh are checking on hotel accommodation, and I am sketching up our itinerary.

I believe the best time to travel to Paris is late September and early October. The summer crowds have gone, the weather is nice, and prices from airfares to hotel accommodations are extremely reasonable. I can't wait to sit by the Seine again.

Come back to this space in a couple of months and I will fill you in on our plan. Au revoir.

(Written June 21, 2009)

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