Saturday, October 6, 2007.

Welcome back everyone. We're in Europe. Getting here had been non-eventful. Our flights were on time and we did not loose any luggage. Our first stop was Zurich, Switzerland where we had a scheduled 5-hour layover before flying to Rome. Zurich Airport is nice, modern and full of shops. Lee wanted to stay in the airport and shop but I convinced her to go downtown. We put our stuff in a locker and took the train downtown and we're glad we took the time to do it. The weather was beautiful and trees had started changing colors. Downtown Zurich is clean, sophisticated and is also full of shops.
Touring Europe (First Two Days) 2007 
One can tell how advanced a country is by observing its transportation modes. There is definitely no air pollution here. People get around by mass transit, bicycles and compact autos. No SUVs or pickup trucks. Taxi cabs are mostly Mercedes and driven by older gentlemen in suits. Lee almost fell in love with one of them. Can we talk about Swiss pastries and sidewalk cafes? My goodness…They are everywhere and I am sure my pictures don't do them justice. That was a five hours well spent.
Downtown Zurich
Downtown Zurich
Lee in front of Zurich Train Station
Sunday October 7, 2007

We got to Rome last night and took the train from the airport to the hotel. This required several transfers and although I knew exactly where we needed to go, train stations here are so big and attendants are not very helpful. We had to take the time to make sure we got on the right trains and did. Just like most things in Europe, our hotel is old but the room is very clean. The hotel ground is well kept and lush and yes they do have internet access (this is one of my requirements when I book hotels.) My Blackberry works as expected and Lee used it to call and check on the kids. Since we didn't sleep on the plane the whole day yesterday, we decided to stay in and sleep.
I got up early this morning (7 AM Rome time, midnight DFW, Sunday, Oct 7th) and while waiting for Lee to get up, I'm posting this blog. We'll go down to the hotel lobby for breakfast later this morning and tour Rome after that. I'll write some more in a couple of days.

So long.

(Written October 7, 2007)

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