Trip to Vietnam, 2008
We are ready for our trip to Vietnam. This trip will be easier than other trips we took because one of Lee's friends has volunteered to meet us when we arrive and hang with us for the duration of our trip. For that reason, I haven't had to spend a whole lot of time planning for this trip.  

We will leave DFW on Tuesday, January 22, arrive in Hanoi on Wednesday and make our way from north to south. We will stop at Hue to visit Lee's grandmother (I believe she's in the 90's and hope she still remembers us) and will arrive in Saigon on Monday, January 28. We will stay in Saigon for a few days before heading back to the US on February 1.  

I will post my blog every couple of days and because this is Tet season (Lunar New Year) in Vietnam, I hope to bring you a lot of Tet-flavored pictures.

(Written December 16, 2008)